Directors, trustees and officers of nonprofit organizations face many risks. They can be exposed to personal liability and financial loss arising out of the actions or decisions made in their capacity as a director, trustee or officer of the organization. Lawsuits may include allegations of mismanaging collected funds, acting beyond their chartered authority, or allegations of discrimination, harassment or wrongful termination by employees. Having professional liability coverage could mean the difference between dissolving the organization or continuing its mission for years to come.

Nonprofit directors and officers can manage these risks and get the protection they need with Directors and Officers Liability Insurance coverage. It provides coverage against "wrongful acts" such as actual or alleged errors, omissions, misleading statements, and neglect or breach of duty on the part of their board of directors.

Nonprofit Liability (NP) Insurance is designed to protect not only the personal assets of directors, trustees and officers of nonprofit organizations in the event they are the target of a claim or lawsuit, but also extends to the employees, volunteers and the organization itself.

Monitor provides comprehensive coverage that meets the needs of the nonprofit organization and its directors, trustees and officers.

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