Effective April 15th, Mendes and Mount, LLP will be the claim administrator for Monitor.

Mendes will handle all active claims on behalf of Monitor.

To provide continuity of claim service, many of your clients with pending claims have already received notification from Mendes and Mount, LLP.

If your client has a pending claim, their defense counsel will not change.

Going forward:

  • All claim reporting procedures remain the same – report claims directly to Monitor
  • After a claim is reported, a claim handler at Mendes will be assigned
  • Mendes on behalf of Monitor will notify the appropriate parties and assign defense counsel if appropriate

We are confident this change will provide enhanced claim management for our producers and policyholders.

Report a Claim

About Mendes and Mount, LLP:

  • One of the largest law firms in the country entirely devoted to the practice of insurance law
  • Expertise with liability issues faced by directors and officers, lawyers, and accountants
  • Experienced in employment practices liability matters
  • A full service firm for almost a 100 years

As we continue to innovate and grow our business, having Mendes and Mount, LLP manage our claims is one more way for Monitor to provide superior customer service for our producers and policyholders.

For more information, see New Claim Management FAQs


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