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The JOBS Act: Crowdfunding

The JOBS Act and Its Impact on D&O Coverage

This article answers the following questions:

  • What is an Emerging Growth Company (EGC)?
  • What is Crowdfunding?
  • What does the JOBS Act do?
  • What new risks do Private Company Directors and Officers face?
  • Can the JOBS Act impact a private company's ability to obtain Directors and Officers Liability Insurance?

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Posted On: August 14, 2013

Why Businesses Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Your Clients Probably Aren't Protected

What is Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) Insurance?

EPLI Insurance provides coverage for a broad range of employment-related risks such as discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and retaliation.
It safeguards businesses against claims brought by past, present and potential employees.

Why is EPLI Critical?

Lawsuits against employers for hiring and firing decisions, discrimination, retaliation and other employment-related matters continue to rise. These cases are often expensive and difficult to win.

Consider these 2012 facts. The EEOC:

  • Recovered more than $365 million from employers – the largest amount in the agency’s history
  • Listed retaliation as its most frequently filed charge – nearly 40% of all charges
  • Saw a notable increase in charges related to gender discrimination, disability discrimination and equal pay
  • Received 99,412 charges
  • Will focus more of its efforts on discrimination, harassment and ensuring equal pay in 2013
  • With the average cost of an EEOC lawsuit more than $156,000, can your clients afford to be without EPL Insurance?

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Watch the Small Talk series for more information about the The Top 3 EPL Risks 


Posted On: June 11, 2013

Why you need Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Title: The Most Important Coverage You Probably Don't Have

EPL Insurance provides employers with coverage for a broad range of employment-related risks such as discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and retaliation. It safeguards you and your company against lawsuits that past, present and potential employees can bring.

Lawsuits against employers for hiring and firing decisions, discrimination, retaliation and other employment-related matters continue to rise. These cases are often expensive and difficult to win. It’s not uncommon for defense costs in one of these cases to exceed $250,000! One lawsuit could greatly damage your reputation and potentially put you out of business...

Posted On: June 5, 2013

New ADA Guidelines Pose Risk for the Hospitality Industry

Could Your Pool Land You In Hot Water?

As of January 31, 2013, public pools and spas should have been fitted with some means of disabled access. The standards are part of new Americans with Disabilities Act regulations passed in 2010. Title III of the ADA requires that places of public accommodation – that includes hotels, resorts and swim clubs – provide a permanent means of disabled access for all pools and spas.

If your business has not yet complied with the new laws, it could be facing a lawsuit. Plaintiff’s lawyers are hot on this issue. There have already been several lawsuits and class action lawsuits filed against numerous hotels, motels and resorts for failing to comply with the new guidelines. One individual in Indianapolis has filed 21 class action suits against area hotels. He simply called each location and asked if they had a means of disabled access for their pools. If they said no, he filed a lawsuit. These lawsuits can be time-consuming, expensive and hurt your business’s reputation.

Your business should have already installed a fixed pool lift that allows independent operation by the user or another accessible means of entry that complies with the ADA standards, such as a sloped entry. According to the new laws, lifts must be built in to the pool or located in a fixed place.

Portable lifts may be an option but only if installing a fixed lift would cause undue hardship for the business. The ADA states that these changes must be made "to the extent that it is readily achievable to do so."

The following guidelines should provide some assistance:

Large pools – with more than 300 linear feet of pool wall

  • Required to have two accessible means of entry, with at least one being a pool lift or sloped entry

Small pools – with less than 300 linear feet of wall

  • Required to have one accessible means of entry, either a pool lift or a sloped entry

All pools

  • Sharing accessible equipment between pools is not permitted, unless it would result in undue burdens to provide equipment at each one
  • Seats must be at least 16 inches wide and seats with backs are recommended
  • Pool lifts must be placed where the water level is no greater than 48 inches
  • An individual swimmer must be able to operate the lift unassisted from both the deck and water levels
  • The lift must support at least 300 pounds of weight

Additional requirements can be found at http://www.ada.gov1.

If your business has any issues with the changes or if you are at all unsure about your level of compliance, contact an expert to conduct an ADA audit of your facilities immediately. Don’t let a lawsuit ruin your business – update your pools and spas today!

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Posted On: June 3, 2013

Small Talk: The JOBS Act and Its Impact on Private Company D&O

The "Small Talk" series covers current trends that relate to a Monitor Liability's products. Each presentation is less than 7 minutes.

Presenter: Lynette Lyngaas, Vice President - Employment Practices Liability, Management Liability

This coverage overview is not a part of an insurance contract and does not supersede the policy.
Please read the policy form for complete terms, conditions and exclusions.

Need more information? Download the JOBS Act Overview.

Posted On: May 28, 2013

Accountants Professional Liability Claims

An overview of Accountants Professional Liability claims.

Posted On: May 20, 2013

MyWay Business Done Your Way Overview

Infograph providing information about the MyWay program for producers.

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Posted On: May 16, 2013

Employment Practice Liability for the Cosmetic Industry

Offers information about our Employment Practices Liability coverage for cosmetic companies.

Posted On: May 16, 2013

Employment Practices Liability for Small Business Overview

An overview of Monitor Liability's small business product.

Posted On: May 16, 2013

Employment Practices Liability Risks: Wage and Hour Lawsuits and Illegal Alien Investigations

An overview of two important coverage enhancements, which are available by endorsement with Monitor Liability's Employment Practice Liability Insurance.

Posted On: May 16, 2013

Monitor Announces New President, Joseph G. Shores

Monitor Announces New President, Joseph G. Shores

Joseph G. Shores, president of Berkley Select, succeeds Sandra C. Nelson as president of Monitor Liability Managers.


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Posted On: May 14, 2013

Nonprofit Claims for Golf Courses and Country Clubs

An overview of Nonprofit Management Liability golf courses and country club claims.

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Posted On: April 30, 2013

Nonprofit Golf Courses and Country Clubs Overview

We offer an insurance program specifically designed for the unique liability exposures of golf courses and country clubs. This program provides comprehensive Directors and Officers Liability Insurance and Employment Practices Liability Insurance with optional Fiduciary Liability...

See the PDF for more information on this program.

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Posted On: April 30, 2013

How to Write Employment Practices Liability

Insurance Journal Podcast

With more first-time buyers purchasing Employment Practices Liability Insurance, Lynette Lyngaas, Vice President of EPL at Monitor Liability Managers, provides insight into current trends, coverage must-haves and what agents should know to present this coverage. Right now, there is a lot of opportunity to write EPL! Hear how!


Posted On: April 26, 2013

Private D&O Claims

An overview of Private Company Directors and Officers claim scenarios.

Coverages: Private Companies
Posted On: April 16, 2013